We are pleased to announce that Faith Ladies Guild has moved into the 21st century and we have our own email account! You can contact us at faithladiesguild@gmail.com

This year our Lenten ingathering will be for Medical Missions. This pandemic has affected all parts of the world and our Medical Missions, Kitchener Depot is no exception. We have been severely limited in shipping boxes since this pandemic started but we hope to start shipping again very soon. 

We especially need analgesics like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, children’s and adult’s vitamins, antiseptic creams and pain creams. We have also received requests for disposal gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. 

To make things a lot easier we have set up our bank account to receive e-transfers for direct deposit so we can go out and purchase these items. 

You can e-transfer your donation directly to our account. You will be eligible for a receipt just like any other donation via your envelope.  You can direct us through the message option on the e-transfer. This is an exciting new option that we have made available. The address is faithladiesguild@gmail.com.

Of course, you can still write Faith Ladies Guild a cheque for your donation or purchase some of these items yourself and drop them off at the church during Lent. Please ensure the longest ‘best before’ date that is possible.