Weekly Bulletin

September 15, 2019

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost



N2M 4Z2

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     Pastor Warren Hamp                                            Residence 519-571-0240


revhamp@bellnet.ca                                              office@faithlutherankw.com



PRAYER: Jesus, our all-knowing and all-compassionate Shepherd, seek us out today in your Word and Supper, continue to give Your church the desire to bring all to You, find the lost ones and carry us on Your shoulders rejoicing, until all who are Yours are Yours forevermore; for You live and reign with Your Father and the Holy Spirit, one God world without end. Amen.



TEXT: Luke 15:1-10

SERMON THEME: Who Looks For the Lost One?




  • Our civil leaders in Ontario and Canada; the candidates for parliament in the election campaign; ongoing relief to those suffering from Hurrican Dorian
  • The comfort of God’s grace to all who are sick or grieving, especially those with cancer: Stan (Liz’s brother) awaiting treatment, John (a friend of the Wasmunds), Pamela (sister-in-law to Gerry and Karen, and to Harold and Jean), Evelyn, in palliative cancer care; our shut-in members; Gina, undergoing surgery on Wednesday; David, in St. Joseph’s, Guelph; Leslie (a friend of Karen) in hospital suffering ALS
  • The congregations and missions of Lutheran Church Canada; the Lutheran churches in Nicaragua, for unity in doctrine and life
  • Bob, Ellie, Julie and Monica 
  • Norma 





ACOLYTES: E: Zoe L: Logan 




ATTENDANCE: E: 55   L: 76











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CURRENT: GST Rebate $1909

OTHER:  Lutheran Hour $20, Rancheria Nutrition $50, Community Cupboard $35, 2020 Mission $610



THE FLOWERS in the chancel have been place to the glory of God by Mark & Caroline in celebration of their wedding anniversary.



THE LUTHERAN HOUR weekly message of inspiration and hope will be broadcast of CKWR 98.5 at 7am Sunday mornings.  You can also listen on-line or download pod casts at www.lll.ca. “The Dream Is Alive” Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler. Genesis Series – The fall of man… and still, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wants to relate to you and to me with grace and truth.




        May be downloaded at womantowomanradio.com



ISSUES ETC. SANCTIFYING YOUR YARD WORK WITH THE WORD OF GOD…Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show and podcast produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  This week’s teachings include: The Day of Pentecost, The Apostle Matthew, The Sinful Flesh, 3rd Century Bishop & Martyr Cyprian of Carthage and more.  You can listen live or at your convenience at www.issuesetc.org and on the LPR mobile app.






1pm Bible Study


9am Circuit Conference @ Faith

6:30pm Choir


6:30pm Catechesis

7:30pmLCC BOD


9:30am – 1:30pm Quilting Sisters


Pentecost 15

8:15 Prayer & Preaching

9:30 SS & Bible Study

10:45 Divine Service



WELCOME to our Visitors – We are glad you can be with us today for Divine Service. If you have not been to Faith before, please feel free to leave your name and address in the Guest Register in the narthex.  We would like to keep in touch with you.  Welcome in the name of the Lord!



Reminder to Church Council members – we are meeting on Wednesday, September 25th at 7pm. 



FYI – As you enter the sanctuary, please note that there are prayers on the front inside page of your hymnal for your use in preparing to worship. (Also there are prayers for before and after you receive the Lord’s body and blood in His supper)



URGENT – We need a Sunday School Teacher for Grades 4-6 for the Fall Quarter.  If you can help out, please speak with Jacquie or Pastor today.



The June congregational meeting established the 2020 Mission Nicaragua fund, to support work to be done in Nicaragua next January.  If you wish to support this work, mark 2020 Mission on the ‘Other’ line of your envelope. 



Just a friendly reminder – please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or other strong scents when coming to worship, in care for your sisters and brothers who are scent-sensitive. Thank you!



PLEASE take a look at the Usher Calendar in the narthex, and pick ONE Sunday when you can usher. We’d like to fill in the services for the September calendar today.  We are thankful for those who serve, but it will be great to know each service has ushers scheduled in advance…



If you would be interested in having some of your offerings to Christ’s holy church electronically transferred by direct deposit, please speak with Sherrie (email her – office@faithlutherankw.com – or call the church on a Thursday) and she will help to arrange that for you.  This is a great help in the summer especially, when many travel and are away on Sundays



If you would be interested in having some of your offerings to Christ’s holy church electronically transferred by direct deposit, please speak with Sherrie Schmidt (email her – office@faithlutherankw.com – or call the church on a Thursday) and she will help to arrange that for you.  This is a great help in the summer especially, when many travel and are away on Sundays



As we celebrate the Lord’s Holy Communion today

Many people often say or think, “I wish I could get closer to God.” A wondrous Scriptural truth, however, is that God cannot come closer to us than He does in the Lord’s Supper; for here the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, comes to us in and with the bread and wine, giving us His true body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith. As we receive this gift, we also thereby testify to the unity of our faith in Christ. For this reason, we practice closed communion; and guests who desire to commune are asked to speak with the pastor before the service. 



A Communion Request – all children who are not confirmed and not yet communing – as well as adults who are visiting or are not yet catechized in the Lutheran confession – are welcome to the Lord’s Table for a baptismal blessing.  We would simply ask that those who are not communing would cross their arms over their chest so that the elder assisting knows they are not receiving the host.  Thanks to all – this will be a really big help.



LBTC is looking for volunteers to help with their upcoming mailing on Tuesday Sep 24th from 9am – noon at their new office located at 275 Lawrence Ave., Kitchener in the old LCC East District office. Refreshments and great fellowship are included and yes no licking stamps! Contact Tara Bradley at 1-866-518-7071 or at tara@lbtc.ca if you are able to help out!



Due to the federal Privacy Legislation, if you find yourself at Grand River Hospital (K-W Hospital) OR St. Mary’s Hospital please have someone call the church to leave a message that you are there. (Pastor checks the voice mail regularly) The computer system no longer displays any information unless you have given express permission for it to do so.  So – the best way of communication is a message to the church.  Thanks and God bless!



Respect Life — Pro-Life Dinner is being held at St. Michael Parish Centre on October 6th at 4pm.  Guest speaker is Moria McQueen, PH.D., is a renowned Bioethicist and is director of Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute.  Tickets are $25 at the Welcome Desk or see jp2waterloo.ca/life.



Single Or Single Again will be going on a fall hike for our Sept event.  This will be Saturday Sept. 21st.  We will meet in the parking lot just off Nafziger Rd. at the Wilmot Rec Centre at 3:30 pm & walk the trail there.  Following the hike we will be going to dinner at the Scran & Dram down the road in New Hamburg.  In case of bad weather we will forego the hike & just meet for dinner at 5 pm.  If you would like to come please call Sandy @ 519-662-2971